What's up with American Deaf History and Culture?

Consulting on the most best possible recommendations of books and resources on the values of Deaf History & Culture to the community.

Advocacy at its best!

Presenting as a friend of the community on resources, ideas, and creative projects.

Goals to preserve the History.

Presenting the workshops and presentations on Appreciating the Legacy: American Deaf History & Culture, Accessibility 101 on Tools serving the Deaf Community, and Social Media 101. Also, present to all kind of ages include available for a writer's residency at State Deaf Schools to teach students the skills.

I am here for you!

She does the editing and/or research for you by hour. Also, she does accurate sources checking for you or your company! She is a research service provider to serve you.

Now is the time to value

the deaf history & culture

- Kathleen Brockway

American Sign Language (ASL) Preserver & Promoter; Experienced Writer & Researcher