American Sign Language (ASL) Preserver & Promoter; Experienced Writer & Researcher

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She hailed from the Washington, D. C. metro area, She was raised in the adopted military family who knew sign language all her life and put her Deaf Education as a priority. She also is the daughter of Mickie Jones, the 70's icon musician and Jessie, the Head Librarian of Adult Services. She attended both State Deaf Schools and the mainstream programs. In 1989, she graduated from Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) in D. C. She also has completed Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with University of Phoenix in 2006. With her Deaf Studies and History of Deaf Education research, creative, and writing skills, she can lend support!

Kathleen's call

Hear the stories and research on the Deaf History made her decide to become an author since 2013. She has published Baltimore's Deaf Heritage  in June 2014. Second book, Detroit's Deaf Heritage, also has been published in June 2016. Both books are through the Arcadia Publishing Company. Both are written in total of over 36k words, 256 pages with more than 290 original and professionally scanned images. She has more exciting book and contributed work projects ahead with her research interests!

Kathleen's presentations

Presenting her Deaf Studies findings; She shares also experience on the traveling, meet & greet, and research will guarantee to impact on the future research and education. Invite her and you'll get the overwhelming experience seeing her presentations!

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