Sure Ways To Pass

Drug tests are getting stringer by the day. They are there to ensure that no drug abuser gets onto a company’s payroll. Hair tests are 

employed because they are hard to beat. For example, earlier they used to test urine samples. However, there is always a chance of people resorting to ‘cleaning up’ methods before such tests. Drug remnants remain embedded in hair follicles for a longer period of time. There are though some tips using which you can beat a hair follicle test. Let us take a look at them.
Detox diet
It is through the bloodstream that marijuana or for that matter any other drug is carried into hair follicles. If you were to cleanse your blood of all toxins, then it is a surefire method of beating a hair follicle drug test. How do you do it? You can do it by following a strict and regimented diet routine. You need to cut out all junk food and refine sugar from your diet. Make sure that you are taking in a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as part of your diet. You should also drink plenty of water. If you find that water not tasty enough, then you can always try out vegetable juices too. Lemon juice, in particular, is known to be particularly good. This is because the high levels of vitamin C in lemon juice are known to be the best to remove traces of drugs from the bloodstream. These measures will cleanse your blood. After a couple of months, samples of your hair follicles are sure to test negative.
Detox Shampoo
If you feel that you are not disciplined enough to stick to a strict detox diet plan, then you can also try using a hair detox shampoo. A simple online search is all that you need to find out about the various hair detox shampoos that are doing the rounds of the market. The key is to check the ingredients. It is always preferable that you opt for the shampoos containing natural ingredients. Shampoos containing, for example, Aloe Vera as an ingredient are always known to work well. You should start using the shampoo at least 5-10 days before the actual test. If needed you should also be ready to take around 3-4 showers to every day. Only such a rigorous routine would ensure that all the residual build up gets removed from your hair follicles.
There are also some simple home-made shampoos too that you can yourself prepare and use. Commonly available household ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, detergent, lemon juice and rosemary oil can be used for preparing these homemade shampoos.
Get Your Exercise
Marijuana once consumed is stored in the fat cells of the body. Removal of the substance through a natural detox diet is, therefore, a tough job for the body. Fortunately, there is an easier way out. Once you exercise you ensure that you are burning up the unwanted fat in your body. Exercise is also known to speed up the metabolism. Both these factors will ensure that the traces of marijuana or any other drug that you may have taken are removed. It is preferable to go in for a mix of strength and cardio training, for the combination is known to help in burning fat faster, as compared to other exercises.
Shave off all hair
This is perhaps the most straightforward of all the choices. Take a razor and remove every strand of hair in your body. However, there is a flip side to this method. Examiners would be clever enough to find out your intentions. They may actually end up failing you since you cannot submit a sample.
Stop using drugs
Perhaps the best way to go about the process would be to stop using drugs at the earliest. What is the point in using drugs when you know that the test is just around the corner? You need to be strongly willed in order to do this. Once you sit down and jot down your life’s priorities, you will surely note that getting settled in your dream profession would be perhaps your biggest priority. Remember, there are certain drugs that can be detected even after 3 months of its usage. Even otherwise it is always preferable that you stop using drugs for the sake of your health. It is sure to count among the best decisions of your life.